10.27 PSP Dock Cradle


- Dock Cradle with Remote Control and Speaker for Sony PSP-2000 Slim & Lite■
- High quality convenient charging cradle for Sony PSP Special elegant outlook design with stylish blue LEDs- Perfect for watching films Charger combined with loud speaker double function■
- You can built your own PSP cinema with this movie dock at home■
- Charge your PSP without taking it away from this movie dock■
- Built-in stereo amplified speakers provide an enhanced audio experience and you can enjoy movies with your family and friends■
- Supply headphone jack for private operations■
- Easy to install - only plug your Sony PSP charger into the base, then clip on you Sony PSP Slim 2000■
- Infrared remote control: volume +/-,Prev,Next,Forward,Rewind, Play/Pause.■
- Auto-charger PSP 2000 Slim & Lite console■
- Earphone output function■
- Power supple by 4pcs AAA battery
- Dimension: 180 x 65 x 30 mm
- Remote dimension: 8.5cm x 4cm x 1.5cm■
- AV/Component switch■
- AV: Output Video and Audio Signal■
- Comp: Output Component and Audio Signal■
- Docking have Blue Light LED